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About Dr. Manoj Shah

The Doctors Credentials

Dr. Manoj Shah is genius and creative homeopath started his practice in 1997. He established Jai Vimal Health clinic in millennium year 2000 in pune. Dr. Shah has considerate Jai Vimal Health Clinic as a totally patient driven homeopathic institution. Since academic years his life was dedicated and devoted to homeopathy, his only mission is to spread the healing art of homeopathy all over the world. Dr. Shah is one of few expertise homeopath who exerts at his best to achieve the highest ideal cure, where patient is of prime importance.
Dr. Shah receiving blessings by "Acharaya
Yashobhadra Surishwarji Maharasahebji "


1. B.H.M.S, from Bharati Vidyapeeth's Homeopathic Medical College, Pune.
2. F.B.I.H (UK)
3. M.H.M.A (UK)


1. Special contribution for the magazine "DYNAMIS 96"
2. Special prize for singing 1997 at B.V.D.U.H.M.C.
3. 1st successful Homeopathic Camp of Approximate 250 patient in 1999 where       seen by Dr. Manoj Shah at the age of 26yrs.
4. 1st time the Department of Health of Pune Municipal Corporation and Jai Vimal    Health Clinic has arranged Homeopathic Awareness and Free Medicinal camp in     year 2000 at Dr. Dalvi hospital Pune.
5. 1st distinction of "FELLOW" award received from B.I.H (UK) in year 2001.
6. Invited by All India Radio Station Pune to participate for Homeopathy ailments    for four consecutive days in year 2002 in "APLE AROGYA".
7. Invited by New Broad Casting House Mumbai, regarding Homeopathy     awareness programe "KAMGARANSATHE".


1. Certified by Shankarao Bhoi Smruti Pratishthan.

Dr. Shah's Mission

" Its is my highest mission is to spread the healing art of homeopathy through Jai Vimal Health Clinic. Today every other person is suffering from certain disease, where Mind, Body, and Soul is in the state of disturbed equilibrium. World is under the stress and every person has busy time schedule, so people suffer from Psychological and physical disorders. I believe that people in the world exert themselves in the search for safer Alternative for good health without any side effects. I believe " Necessity is the mother of invention" world needs the peaceful mind and healthy life, where peoples endless search has ultimate choice is Jai Vimal Health Clinic. I always think, the only way to make "Disease Free World" is to open several such branches of Homeopathic Clinic in many more Countries, so that I can treat number of people by removing the illness from its root cause by naturally prepared homeopathic medicines."

Dr. Manoj Shah