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The commonest hair fall, are as follows:

1. Male Pattern Baldness
2. Alopecia Diffusa
3. Alopecia Aerata

Male Pattern Baldness is also known as andro-genetic alopecia. The maximum and overt change begins around the age of 40. In certain cases hair loss begins early, i.e., 20s and 30s. Some common sites of early hair loss are as follow:

1. Slight recession in front hairline.
2. Bi-temporal (from both sides).
3. Diffuse thinning or balding on center of scalp.
4. Total baldness apart from sides and back of scalp.

Common Causes

  • Overuse of cap and helmet
  • Recurrent dandruff
  • Scalp infection
  • Illness like typhoid, malaria, jaundice
  • Anemia
  • Thyroid imbalance
  • Over travelling
  • Frequent changes in soap, shampoo, oil and hair dye.
  • Swimming (chlorinated water)

In such cases Jai Vimal Health Clinic (JVHC) can help you,

1. Reduces hair fall
2. Gradual growth of new hair.
3. It will improve the condition of scalp infection and cure dandruff.
4. It will improve texture of hair, i.e., gives hair thick, strong and add a luster to your life less hair.
5. It will cure premature graying also.

Hair Loss
Hair Growth

Alopecia diffusa
is hair loss commonly seen in ladies where there hair fall from all over the scalp or noticeable at prattling line leading to diffuse thinning of hair. Some common causes are:

1. After childbirth
2. During menopause
3. Hormonal imbalance
4. Iron deficiency anemia
5. Heavy stress
6. Overuse of Oral Contraceptive pills

JVHC offers very effective treatment for alopecia diffusa. Our treatment reduces hair fall and growth of new hairs but also improve ion levels, corrects the hormonal imbalance and regularizes the menstrual cycle.

Hair Loss
Hair Growth

Alopecia Aereata, is an autoimmune disorder, which lead patchy circular loss of hair. In extreme cases loss of hair rapidly increases in the size of patch lead into total baldness this condition is known as Alopecia Totalis. Hair loss from entire scalp and face: beard, eyebrows and moustaches.


  • Scalp infection
  • Lower immunity and lower resistance power.
  • Stress and emotional excitement
  • Nutritional fault
Both these conditions are treated at JVHC, you can see the complete restoration of hair as below:

Hair Loss
Hair Growth

Hair Loss

Hair Growth

Hair Chart Hair Chart