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Who discovered Homeopathy?

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann
Dr. Samuel Hahnemann
Homeopathy is 200 yrs old science of drug therapeutic, discovered in Germany by the Physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in the year 1790. Homeopathy is increasingly popular and effective system of medicine today.

The principle of Homeopathy is based on Law Of Similar "Likes Cure Likes" which means that the minute dose act as a curative agent in a disease person capable of producing a healthy state in same person.

Drugs used in Homeopathy previously proved on healthy human beings and there fore action and reaction are known to the Homeopath

Homeopathy treat the person and not the disease, it is the only system of medicine which takes into account the individual personalities of a person.

What are the advantages of Homeopathy?

  •   No side effects.
  •   It stimulates the bodies own healing process.
  •   It builds the body resistance.
  •   It cures the disease from its root cause, rather than merely suppressing the symptom
      by local application and physiological doses.
  •   Naturally prepared medicine are given in tiny doses.
  •   No bitter pills and painful injection.
  •   Easy to handle and carry.
  •   It keeps away the use of unnecessary Knife of Surgeon.
  •   Long term benefits.

Limitations of Homeopathy

  • Accidents: road, areoplane and railway etc.
  • Emergency Operation:
a. Bursting of Appendix
b. Intestinal Obstruction
c. Perforated gastric ulcer
d. Enlarged fibroid of Uterus

Use of homeopathy in surgical cases:

  •   Severe bleeding external or internal piles.
  •   Multiple recurrent corns.
  •   Cystic enlargement
  •   Fissures
  •   Fistulae
  •   Stones: urinary and gall bladder.
  •   Warts

Homeopathy at Dr. Shah's Jai Vimal Health Clinic

The Dr. Shah's Jai Vimal Health Clinic was launched in the year 1997 in Pune under guidance of Dr. Manoj Shah with the plan open several such branches of clinic in future.

In a very short span Dr. Shah's Jai Vimal Health Clinic has installed the faith and trust in the mind of the people in Pune and all over Maharashtra by proving the dedication and devotion towards Homeopathy.

DSJVHC systemic treatment plan for patient provides a complete Health package. We at DSJVHC believe that once you register here it means you trust us and helps us to restore the sick to the health. Providing the facilities to our patient it proves that we are aware about the responsibility towards society. JVHC believe in Quality service. We have open pharmacy in the clinic where dispensing of homeopathic medicine is done freshly in front of patient, as prescribed by the doctor. Improvement in the patients by homeopathic medicine feels the improved quality of the life with mental and physical well being.

Dr. Shah's Jai Vimal Health Clinic believe that to bring the ideal cure in a patient is to exerts to its best where patient is of prime importance.

At Dr. Shah's Jai Vimal Health Clinic first things you will notice how deeply we look into each case. We take detail history of patient complaints and his back ground which come in the way of healthy state. Our use of Custom designed computerized software helps us to rule out specialized diagnosed and treatment in minimum time. Analysis of each and every case is done which helps us to bring the high success cure rate. Records are maintain to see the your treatment, progress report, monthly and yearly appointment schedules, prescribed medicine every thing is monitored by computer system. Our clinic provides 10 hours continue Homeopathic Service per day, open for 365 days a year. Our telephony and e-mail facilities help our patient to be in touch with doctor any time from anywhere.

Percentage of recovery depends up on genuine imported Homeopathic medicines. Our medicines imported by the most famous the World's Class reputable German Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Company. Medicines are packed hygienically in a air tight container bottle with a spatula. So you can have complete confidence in purity and efficiency. In homeopathy even simple impurity may delay the ideal cure.

Cure Rates
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At Dr. Shah's Jai Vimal Health Clinic we assure our patient the World Class High Professional Standards in Homeopathic Medicinal Service.

Membership Card at Dr. Shah's Jai Vimal Health Clinic

Gold Star Card
  •   Discount in consultation and Medicinal Charges.
  •   Confirmed appointment Day and Time, one full year in advance.
  •   Courier service if required.

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