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Our Social Service

Free health camp at PMC
One of the Pune Municipal Corporation
Free Health Camp organized by JVHC.
Inaugurated by Mrs Asha Ravat on behalf of
Member of Parliament Mr. Pradeep Ravat,
Shri Ramanbhai Shah, Shri P.M. Gujrathi H.A.L. (Ozar Mig).

The Jai Vimal Health Clinic make the awareness in the people by taking the Free Homeopathic Health Check up Camp to give healthy life towards society. While practicing the healing art of homeopathy we look forward, by contributing for the betterment of tomorrow which include,

JVHC Camp at Rudhashram
Dr. Manoj Shah with Drs of JVHC Pune
treating the inmates of Rudhashram. JVHC has
decided to give free consultation and treatment
to inmates of Rudhashram who are
away from family.

  • Jai Vimal Health Clinic has sponsored numerous free health camps in various parts of Maharashtra.
  • Knowing about of bad effect of plastic bag, we dispensed our medicines in paper bags since 1997.

Dr Shah treats Senior Citizen
One of the various Health Camps
Organized by JVHC. Present on dais
Dr. Shah with Trustee Sakal Paper Ltd.
C.H. Joshi, Assistant Municipal Commissioner
Mr. Arun Patil, Social worker Deepa Rana.

Dr. Shah treats Senior Citizen
Dr Shah has personally treated Senior
Astrologer Shri Bal Krishna Dedgaokar
by Homeopathic Medicine.

Dr Shah's Health Camp at Nashik
One of the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC)
Free Health Camp organized by Dr Shah's JVHC
Inaugurated by Mayor Shri Dashrat Patil,
Bytco Hospital of NMC, Dr Manoj Shah,
Shri A. M. Shah with Doctors of DSJVHC

Our clinic plans to take a monthly social service project
and educational homeopathic awareness program.

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