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Psoriasis is non- contagious inflammatory diseases of skin of patchy thick skin covered with silvery scales. Psoriasis is link with your body immune system. It often runs in families suggesting the genetic link. It is precipitated by emotional stress, infection, ultra violet rays, certain drugs, Physical illness.

Modern medicinal treatment
usually use locally application which causes irritation, stain with purple brown discoloration of skin, redness with the greasy base & occasionally causes skin cancer. Oral intake corticosteroids have harmful side effects. Corticosteroids causes over weight gain, high blood pressure, burning pain, menstrual irregularities, dimness of vision, excessive thirst & itching of skin. Use of ultra violet radiation is in effective.

Homeopathic cures
the psoriasis by raising your own body immune system with restoration of health. Modern medicinal treatment lower down the immunity, & suppress the symptoms. Exactly opposite, homeopathy is safe, gentle, reliable, has no side effects at all. Homeopathy treats the individual totally leads to an ideal cure rather than temporary suppression of symptoms.
After homeopathic treatment you will notice, the sharp demarcated edges of silvery scales will decreases. If your eruption are oozing it will get dry. Aggravated symptom such as pain, itching, scaly dandruff will ameliorate. Finally your skin will free from scaly eruption, itching, redness and convert into normal skin without any scars.

Psoriasis Chart Psoriasis Chart

This Patient suffer from Psoriasis.
The patient was treated in five months.

Before Treatment
After Treatment
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